Yoga at Lobe Block + Café Pförtner

tune in to your higher energies to re-boot for the weekend. then jump on a bus for lunch.

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START: Yoga at Lobe Block - Yoga, Movement, Treatments, Böttgerstraße 16, 13357 Berlin.

FINISH:  Café Pförtner, Uferstraße 8-11, 13357 Berlin.

U / S - BAHN: Pankstraße.

THE WORKOUT: Saturday Morning 10.30am Forrest Yoga with Nicola in the big room. As a yoga teacher, body therapist and trauma expert, you are in safe hands with Nicola in this Forrest Yoga class. In case you haven’t tried it before, Forrest Yoga is a unique and contemporary yoga style developed by Ana Forrest. The practise is centred around connecting to your core, to be strong and centered. The intense pose sequences are designed to help you develop the skills to awaken each of your senses. With precise adjustments, guidance and well-crafted yoga sequences, Nicola’s class is an amazing way to re-energise for the weekend. Expect ninety minutes of powerful, demanding vinyasa’s that get you sweaty, fired up whilst having a good time on the mat. A mix of faster flows and longer holds help you progress in the poses and go deeper. This class is perfect for all levels as Nicole adjusts all postures to each person so you are always working to your own physical limits. The studio itself is modern, light and airy and perfect for raising energy levels for weekend fun.

FYI: Yoga at Lobe Block is the former TONS Yoga studio. This class is in English and German. Nicola also teaches regular classes and workshops around Berlin.

THE FOOD: Café Pförtner in Wedding is a must-visit for tasty Italian-German-inspired and slightly experimental food inside an unusual setting right next to the small canal Panke. This is a favourite spot with locals during the summertime. However the food here is seasonal and so even during the colder months it means the menu caters for heartier, warming dishes. The place is a bit of a maze with a pretty small indoor area and two large outdoor areas, at the entrance and in the back. Most importantly you can dine in an old BVG bus from the 70’s that has been converted into one of the coolest dining spots in the city. Order your food at the bar before hopping on board the bus. Since the menu changes every single day we can’t dispel exactly what’s on the menu this weekend. However, you can expect a range of about eight tasty Italian and German style dishes to choose from. Vegan carrot soup with puffed quinoa, Chilli con carne, mozzarella salad, artichoke risotto, spinach and mushroom gnocchi, Norwegian salmon, Seabream and rosemary potatoes with tomato olive sauce and herby kofte with couscous are all recent plates on the menu. Our advice would be stick to the classics and avoid the more eclectic creations and you won’t be disappointed. The portions can be on the smaller side, so perhaps partner up to share a few. Since its the weekend, there’s a great beer selection available to drink with your lunch. If you are more of a wine person, then the cafe also has some delicious Italian wines.

THE PRICE: Yoga at Lobe Block Berlin: A drop-in class €15. It is also on Urban Sports Club. Food: main dishes around €6-9.5.

BEST FOR: Generating good energy baby and a strong core to hold you up over lunch ;)

Yoga at Lobe Block + Cafe Pfortner


Yoga teacher Nicola Tröger on a mat in Warrior 4 pose, Virabhadrasana.
Yoga teacher Nicola Träger adjusting students poses
Large and sunny yoga class room with wooden floor and windows looking out on a balcony
People dining in an old BVG bus at Cafe Pförtner with wooden chairs and tables in front of the bus.
Beetroot soup in a bowl
Red plastic chairs and wooden tables inside a BVG bus at Cafe Pförtner