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John's Bootcamp + Bijou Bar

Work hard and play hard in the run-up to Christmas. Prepare for the holiday indulgence with this tough treadmill work-out. Then discover a hidden gem in the heart of the city for incredible cocktails.

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RUNSEEING the festival of lights + Becycle yin + Weinerei Forum

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS calls for an epic double shot. Culture vultures and run junkies unite on this epic run through the festival of lights. Stretch it out in Yin and then celebrate over pay-as-go wine and food…

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MyCrew Bootcamp run + Dumplings @ momos

Running on the spree at night in a giant group of people with pumping tunes could be the most motivating thing you do this week. Knock back a couple of celebratory drinks post-run and then chow down on dumplings…

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