John & Jane's SOULBASE + Amano rooftop


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START: John & Jane’s SOULBASE, Rosenthaler Str. 63, 10119, Berlin.

FINISH: AMANO Bar, Auguststraße 43, 10119 Berlin.

U / S - BAHN: Rosenthaler Platz.

THE WORKOUT: Thursday 19.15pm hot strong barre at the all-new John & Jane’s SOULBASE with Alex Hipwell. This studio has re-invented the wheel and taken training up a notch with unexpected combinations of kettle-bells with yoga and TRX with Pilates and hot temperatures with Barre. The slick design aesthetic screams luxury and the staff are so accommodating, they even offer childcare! And then the classes deliver. It’s safe to say you can’t slack off in class, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way. Alex Hipwell is one of the very best trainers on the Berlin circuit and the mastermind behind all the workouts at the studio. In this class expect a sequence of challenging strengthening and toning exercises at the bar, interspersed with mat exercises like squats and core work with weights to build up your muscle strength. Alex has the most infectious energy; she’s funny and warm but keeps the class on track and is a stickler on form. Don’t be surprised if your muscles shake in this one. But in the words of Master trainer Alex, “if your muscles shake in this exercise I love you!” If you keep coming back you’ll quickly pick up the exercises and move on to more challenging progressions. This is fantastic tactics by Soul Base because it means you can track your progress and see improvement from session to session; across two months consistent work you’ll make noticeable gains in strength and stamina.

THE DRINKS: One of the quickest turn-arounds in our double shot black-book this rooftop bar is just across the street. Summer nights wouldn’t be quite right without drinks and music with good vibes and an amazing panoramic view of Berlin. Enter the slick and brooding Amano hotel and take the lift to the top floor that will deliver you to your drinking destination. The rooftop tends to get very busy on the weekends so coming peak dinner time is a smart move. Head to the bar and ask the servers what they want to make you; hailed by Mixology Magazine for their creative and well-crafted cocktails, they’ll be sure to make you something you like. As for us we have a soft spot for an Aperol Spritz, the perfect sun-downer in our eyes! Sip it slowly on one of the comfy lounge sofas and catch-up with friends as the sun goes down.

FYI: After drinks you’re likely hungry and we recommend heading for fresh pasta, just a short walk away at mädchenitaliener berlin. A SERIOUSLY good, authentic spot that’s also kind on the wallet (win/win!).

THE PRICE: Soul Base: Single drop-in class €20 (60 minutes). Class pack of ten €170, monthly membership (4 classes a month) €60. Drinks: Wines start from €6, cocktails around €10-15.

BEST FOR: Pre-weekend sculpting and sipping for balmy summer-time evenings.


John & Jane’s + Amano


Girls working out at a ballet barre with Alex Hipwell
Girls work out at ballet barre with mats, weights and trainer Alex Hipwell
Cool crowd having drinks on Amano Rooftop with view on tv tower
Young people on rooftop with drinks and view over Berlin
Summer night on Amano rooftop bar, people with drinks