RUNSEEING the festival of lights + Becycle yin + Weinerei Forum

Culture vultures needn't miss out on getting their cardio fix to see the light festival. Soak up berlin’s best bits all lit up running. Then stretch at Yin before heading out to pay-as-you-go wine and food.


START: Becycle, Brunnenstraße 24, 10119 Berlin.

FINISH: Weinerei Forum, Fehrbelliner Straße 57, 10119 Berlin.

U - BAHN: Rosenthaler Platz.

THE WORKOUT: Thursday 18pm festival of lights run and yoga. Take off through the night with the experts from Runseeing Berlin then get stretched out with Yin Yoga at Becycle with resident yogi Kate. The light festival is in its last week and now’s your chance to see the best bits of the city (a.k.a. the landmarks) lit up in all its glory with projections by artists all over the world. Runseeing Berlin are in the know about the best run routes to take in the city to give you the best views and they’ll be leading the way with this 8k night run. When you return to the studio an hour long yin yoga class at Becycle is just what your tired muscles are crying out for. Yin in case you’ve never tried it is AH-MA-ZING. It’s a slower paced style of yoga where poses are held for longer periods of time (anywhere from one to five minutes!) and you experience those ah-ha! moments in the body. With longer holds you can really get into the deeper connective tissues between muscles. Look forward to better circulation and flexibility and that’s all in a night’s work!

THE AFTER-PARTY: Weinerei Forum lets you try all the wine and eat all the food. PLUS they have some live music on hand to serenade the night away. What’s not to love? During the day it would be easy to mistake the Weinerei Forum as just another Berlin cafe serving up tea, coffee, sweet treats and a veggie lunch. But when the sun goes down the Weinerei comes into its own. From 20:00 there’s an array open red and white wines at the counter which you can help yourself to. Wines are also seasonal so for regulars at Weinerei you’ll always discover something new. There’s also a tasty buffet spread to tuck into and soak up the booze. Hungry people should get there early. Trust us.

THE PRICE: The workout is priced at the usual Becycle class price of €23, which includes the run and Yin so it’s a pretty good deal. Becycle is also on Classpass. Weinerei charges €2 entrance fee and with that you get a glass and access to ‘help yourself to everything’ deal for wine and food. Then you pay what you want at the end.

BEST FOR:  Adventurers who want to jazz up their Friday night fitness routine ,spend quality time with friends (as well as make new ones) and generally have a ball. A dynamo mix of healthy hedonism this Friday.

Becycle + Weinerei Forum

Festival of Lights


Berlin cathedral church lit up in different colours against the dark sky during festival of lights