Kraft Runners + Kanaan

turns out the world is your gym. and working out with cool people makes it even better.

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START: Cafe Kraft, Schivelbeiner Str. 23, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

FINISH:  Kanaan, Kopenhagener Str. 17, 10437 Berlin.

U / S - BAHN: Schönhauser Allee / Bornholmer Str. (Berlin).

THE WORKOUT: Tuesday 18.45pm open workout with the Kraft Runners crew. Kraft is the run club formed by a group of friends who met as pacers at the NIKE+ Run Club. Since then, they’ve been training and working out together, with more and more people joining them each time to sweat. Meet outside cafe Kraft a little before kick-off time to meet some fellow runners. When the clock strikes quarter to, the warm-up starts with slow jogging, to oil the gears before the main workout and run. What’s brilliant is that the team make sure everyone knows the route and workout before the run begins, so no one is ever left behind. The workouts are designed so that every level can go as hard as they like. Expect one mile challenges and bridge sprints throughout the run, and an awesome team spirit so you never give up. This is a real community crew, so if you’re looking for new workout friends then you’re in luck!

THE FOOD: We’ve also always been on board with the concept of brunch for dinner a.k.a. brinner, and the menu at Kanaan’s can be either. After your workout come here and connect with the people you’ve been sweating with, over food naturally! What arguably Berlin does best is Middle Eastern food. And Kanaan does it so well, particularly their hummus. Which, by the way, comes in a whole host of varieties so you can get it in multiple forms. The classic hummus is creamy with chunks of chickpeas left in. The mushroom hummus adds spicy mushrooms spiced with cumin, onions, tahini and parsley on top and the sweet hummus uses pumpkin or sweet potato mixed in. All are utterly delicious and you’ll be amazed by how quickly the bowls are eaten and wiped clean with house Pita after they arrive at the table. Falafel Mezze are also great sharers to start, coming crispy, hot, packed with palestinian spices and herbs and slathered in tahini and hummus. For mains, there’s Hamshuka, a combination of hummus and shakshouka, just like it’s served in Jerusalem, and Palestinian Masabcha, a large bowl of homemade hummus with a hard boiled egg, Tahini and Tetbili (a kind of spicy sauce made with salted lemon and garlic). The Iraqi hummus sabach is something more adventurous to order but it wasn’t our favourite dish; hummus served over roasted eggplant, topped off with a hard-boiled egg and mango-curry sauce. Everything comes with warm house pita bread of course to mop up all the juices. The vegetable conscious might like the oven-roasted cauliflower salad that comes drizzled with tahini (again) and a fresh pomegranate-date dressing. Sip on some of the lemonade with orange blossom while you chow down on this feast. It’s citrusy, refreshing and of course homemade!

THE PRICE: Kraft Runners: Totally free. Kanaan: classic hummus €6, mushroom hummus €8, sweet hummus €8.5, falafel mezze €5, Kanaan hummshuka €8, Palestinian Masabcha €7.5, Iraqi hummus sabach €8.5, cauliflower salad (€4 for small, €7.9 for large).

BEST FOR: Finding a friendly new workout crew and enjoying the delights of brinner.


Kraft Runners + Kanaan


Kraft runners stretching and preparing for a run in Berlin
Kraft Runners running over a bridge in the sun
Shakshuka in a pan with eggs and herbs, hummshuka by Kanaan
Hummus with olive oil and aubergines by Kanaan