John's Bootcamp + Bijou Bar

GETTING HIGH ON YOUR OWN SUPPLY - first ON THE TREADMILL AND then in a secret courtyard bar for drinks. staying fly for the festive holidays.

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START: JOHN'S BOOTCAMP, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13, 10178 Berlin.

FINISH: Bijou Bar, Monbijou Hotel Berlin, Monbijoupl. 1, 10178 Berlin.

U / S - BAHN: Alexanderplatz / Hackescher Markt.

THE WORKOUT: 18.15pm Friday Full Body. John’s Bootcamp is as close to Barry’s as Berlin gets. And its pretty damn close. Inside THE REED, right on Alexanderplatz Tamer is your lead instructor and chief motivator, leading you through the strength and interval training session to pumping tunes in the dark studio. The set-up is slick with a high quality changing area and showers to match. Start on the treadmill and work your way through sprints, hill climbs and intervals to get that heart-rate up and feel your hamstrings burn. Then move to the floor to perform a series of exercises back-to-back to build muscle and strength; think dumb-bell weights for shoulder pressing, weighted lunges, rows and deadlifts and medicine walls for weighted sit-ups and Russian twists. As the class name suggests, you’ll be hitting every body party through the work-out. During the week, there are also classes that target specific muscle groups (upper and lower body). Fuel up before - you’ll need to work your ass off here [we've heard you run fasta if you eat pasta :)]. Classes range between full sixty minutes to a quick lunchtime blast of forty. Although located inside THE REED, you don’t need to be a member of THE REED to attend this class. Here the model is just drop-in as you like, no fixed or binding contract, which is refreshing in the predominantly contract-heavy gym culture of Germany. If you’re after a really hard work-out that will kick you into gear before the Christmas indulge hits, then this one is for you.

FYI: As of 17 May 2019 John’s Bootcamp is now the strength and high intensity counterpart of The Reed’s latest studio opening John&Jane’s , check our doubleshot here.

THE DRINKS: Get into the festive spirit with some drinks. And they are jaw-droppingly good. Either head downstairs to the cosy bar for wintry drinks, or get-in-the know and venture into the secret courtyard Bijou bar (don’t worry, there are heaters). The setting is magical and you almost feel transported back in the time with the old-world glam style. Most importantly, behind the bar you’ll find some of the best cocktail making talents in Berlin. Allow yourself to be surprised by their creativity and let them whip you up something. Alternatively, the menu has a number of favourite classics that are perfectly made and slip down a treat; the Clover Club and Negroni are stand-out.

FYI: If you’re here for N.Y.E the bar is taking reservations. At 22:30pm they open up their rooftop terrace that gives incredible views across the city and acts as a perfect viewing platform for the city’s firework display.

THE PRICE: A drop-in class is €20, pack of five is €82.5 and pack of ten €155. A cocktail at Monbijou bar is around €9-15. And lets be real - you’ll probably have two so that’s €20-30.

BEST FOR: A work hard, play hard life philosophy and getting into the Christmas spirit.

John’s Bootcamp + Bijou Bar


Girls and guys on treadmills running in a dark room with a trainer standing behind them cheering at John’s Bootcamp Berlin Powerbase
Girls and guys working out on a step lifting medicine balls for sit ups at John’s Bootcamp Berlin Powerbase
Terrace and backyard view of Bijou Bar Berlin with chairs and tables at night.
Bar with illuminated shelves and bottles of alcohol beer, wine and cocktail glasses at Bijou Bar Berlin