Hotpod Yoga + No. 58 Speiserei



START: Hotpod Yoga, HH 4.OG, Karl-Marx-Straße 75, 12043 Berlin.

FINISH:  No58 Speiserei, Weisestraße 58, 12049 Berlin.

U - BAHN: Rathaus Neukölln / Boddinstraße.

THE WORKOUT: Saturday morning 10.00am signature Hotpod flow class with Hülya. Hot Yoga is awesome. PLUS you can take comfort in the fact that science says so too. And its perfect for blowing the hangover cobwebs away from Friday night. The classes are held in an inflatable, immersive hot pods so its a perfect immersive world to cocoon yourself in to for an hour before braving the day ahead (or in our case taking on the rest of the weekend after partying on Friday). Based on a classic vinyasa flow style, this one hour class is a perfect balance of active and passive postures working the body and calming the mind in equal measure. The classes are for all levels of experience, guys and girls alike. Expect to work up a good sweat in the 37 degree warmth but leave with a clearer head, feeling way more bendy than before (a week of sitting at a desk does that to you) and possibly hangover free. Win, f***ing win.

N.B: The studio provides mats (lovely Lululemon ones at that) but make sure you bring a large towel to cover over, otherwise you will need to rent one (you’ll also want it for a shower after). There are showers but only two so you may have to queue.

THE FOOD: A vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, organic and home-made (and breathe!) menu - whether you’re a health food person or just a general foodie person, you will find many, many tasty things to eat here. The brunch menu features goodies like scrambled eggs – with pumpkin seed oil, or avocado - as well as a vegan tofu scramble. Our pick was the ‘Sweet and Crispy Tempeh Casserole’ which featured cashew-creme, crispy marinaded tempeh, oven mushrooms and a hefty amount of avocado all on Sour-dough bread. And the bread is INSANE - straight from local favourite The Bread Station. The ‘Styrian egg feed’ with 3 eggs, pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seeds, bread and butter is simple but makes an interesting change from the standard scrambled eggs on toast breakfast. The ‘Johny Trader Breakfast’ is a vegan’s answer - and anyone’s answer really - to a healthy full-English; baked beans, baked tomatoes, tofu sausage, stone mushrooms, avocado with Sour-dough bread for dippage. Our non-vegan friend M ate it up all with glee in about two minutes flat. ‘Vegetable muffin’ with hummus, avocado, sprouts and various optional toppings (like eggs or oven vegetables) is a nice lighter option. There’s a spread of home-made vegan and gluten-free friendly sweet treats and cake at the front of the counter to help yourself to when you’re full….but you can still fit in something sweet :) Think white chocolate and raspberry cake, peanut butter brownies and banana bread. You can wash all this down with a coffee (no competition to the best but still good), a matcha latte, fresh orange juice or since its Saturday a bottle of beer.

THE PRICE: Quote ‘DOUBLESHOT’ to get your first class FREE. Otherwise it’s €15 for a single hot yoga flow class. If its your first time for €16 you can sign-up for a week of unlimited classes. Hotpod Yoga is also on Urban Sports Club. Brunch at Speiserei will be about €15 for a coffee, brunch and maybe even a cake. More specifically the ‘Mexican Farmers’ €12.9, ‘Sweet and Crispy Tempeh Casserole’ €12.9, ‘Styrian egg’ €8, ‘John Trader Breakfast’ €9.8, ‘Vegetable muffin’ €5.5. Cakes are around €2.80. A flat white is €3 (€0.4 for an oat milk upgrade), espresso €2.5, Matcha latte €3.9 and orange juice €3.5.

BEST FOR:  Warming up in the colder autumn weather, challenging your yoga with a tough hot flow and then kicking back and eating like a healthy vegan.

Quote ‘DOUBLESHOT’ to get your first class at Hotpod Yoga FREE.

Hotpod Yoga + no58 speiserei


Different breakfast dishes at no58 speiserei Berlin. Johny Trader breakfast with baked beans, baked tomatoes, tofu sausages, stone mushrooms, avocado and sourdough bread; a bowl of yoghurt with granola a coffee as well as a plate with dips, chickpeas and avocado.
Green coloured cookies with pistachio on a blue plate on a wooden table at no58 speiserei berlin
Blueberry cake at no58 speiserei berlin