SPRT Yoga flow + Goodies

Get your 5 a day in one delicious drink at Goodies. Then up the road get involved in community spirit - SPRT’s casa es Su casa for a Monday night flow.

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START: Goodies Berlin, Akazienstraße 28, 10823 Berlin.

FINISH: Sweat and Shape, Rent 24, Potsdamer Straße 188, 10783 Berlin.

U - BAHN: Nollendorfplatz / Bülowstraße.

THE FOOD:  Get away from fried, fast-food and re-boot your system before class with fresh smoothies and super-food power snacks. Healthy has never been so easy or tasted so damn good. The “Deep Purple” smoothie is our fav with blueberries, hemp, banana, date, cinnamon and rice milk. If you want a real health hit then the “Kickstarter” blends avocado, lemon, spinach, mint, dates together with water. Now the colder weather has finally arrived your system might be feeling a little fragile. In which case the “Immunity” smoothie is the one for you packed with immunity boosting turmeric and ginger alongside orange, apple, mango and pineapple to take you back to the tropics for as long as it takes to drink. You can also add in super-foods for an extra charge - like maca, spirulina, chia and goji berry. In terms of power snacks, Goodies has them all and they’re all sugar and gluten-free! If you just need something small then an energy ball made from coconut, cashew and dates is an all-natural healthy energy booster. The “Peanut Protein Bite” has got an added protein factor to fuel muscle-gains. If you want something a bit more substantial for quick release energy then try the “Granola Power Pack”, goodies’ home-made energy bar with goji berries and raw cocoa. Get into the community spirit early and go for the three bar “Granola Power Pack” to share with hungry friends.

THE WORKOUT: “Motivation Monday flow” at 19pm with Ricarda. Do your body and mind a favour and chill out after a naughty weekend on the mat. Brought to you by sporty app SPRT this sixty minute flow with Ricarda is a class perfect for beginners and established yogis. Simply drop your bags and get on the mat to find some evening zen with some beautiful people. Mats are provided but you’re welcome to bring your own along too. A good balance of dynamic and restorative poses will get muscles fired up and then stretched out. Expect Sun salutes, standing Warriors, triangles, spinal twists and a balance or two, all connected with the power of breath. After you’ve recharged in a juicy Savasana (resting corpse pose) SPRT will be there to reward you with free drinks from Vitamin Well and pizza (because well, balance). There will be plenty of time to mix and mingle with fellow yogis (you might even meet your new BFF). There’s also a chance for you to tell SPRT how you found it (#honestyisthebestpolicy) because they’re all about motivating people to get together and socialise through sport.

FYI: There are lockers, changing rooms and even showers - its a totally 5* service.

THE PRICE: A Goodies green / super-food smoothie is €4.9. Other smoothies are €3.9. Energy balls are €2 each. A three bar “Granola Power Pack” is €6.9. SPRT’s Yoga flow costs exactly NOTHING. You just need to sign up on the SPRT Motivator Monday Facebook. You’re welcome.

BEST FOR: Flowing into the week nice and slow and gaining a new fitness family, possibly forever.

SPRT + Goodies


Green smothie and energy ball covered with nuts on a wooden table at Goodies Berlin
It costs zero money to be a decent person sign at Goodies Berlin
Four different hands holding up smoothies in different colours at Goodies Berlin