Five Circles Muay Thai + Gruen und Gut

A HEALTHY DOUBLE SHOT; FUEL UP WITH A SMOOTHIE, THEN Train like a fighter in berlin’s friendliest muay thai class.


START: Gruen und Gut, Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstrasse 42/43, 10997, Berlin.

FINISH: Five Circles, Kommandantenstraße 52, 10969 Berlin.

U / S - BAHN: Görlitzer Bahnhof.

THE SMOOTHIES: A quick stop for a smoothie is the energy boost you need before this Muay Thai class. The team at Gruen und Gut are a talented team who blend up superfood smoothies and cold-pressed juices on the go at Markthalle Neun. Everything they make is 100% vegan, preservative free and made from the freshest local ingredients. We recommend the "Kick Ass Guarana Smoothie". Apart from the name (which fits perfectly to the workout it tastes delicious and energizing! Natural energy comes from the guarana. Guarana incidentally is a Brazilian plant native to the Amazon that is used for its fruit and seeds and happens to have twice the amount of caffeine found in coffee seeds! If you need an additional health boost to feel alert for boxing then the ginger shot provides a zingy kick to wake you up. Take them to go and sip them on the way to class. You’ll arrive feeling in fighting spirits ready for a killer session.

THE WORKOUT: Thursday 19.30pm Muay Thai Boxing with Juri and Jon. Thai-Boxing is special because it takes the pacey and physical aspects of boxing and combines punches with the use of kicks, elbows and knees. When you arrive at class expect to walk into a proper Muay Thai boxing gym. It’s not glamorous but it’s real and everyone is friendly and welcoming so if you’re a new-comer there’s no need to feel intimidated. Start with a warm-up led by Juri, whose expertise lies in body movement and mobility, a vital skill required for Muay Thai. Loosen up your joints before getting the heart-rate up with jump rope. Then the class moves onto to the boxing where you partner up and work through sequences demonstrated and explained by Juri and Jon. We spend four rounds of tough combinations with one person on pads and the other with gloves and then we switch over. We start with jab-cross combinations and then the sequences develop to become more complex and challenging featuring multiple kicks and a variety of punches. The strikes are not only based on explosive power and agility but are also highly based on proper technique, elegant movement and almost dance-like coordination. Therefore not only do you need to focus at all times (brilliant to shutting down any mindless chatter going on in your brain) its also a really effective form of exercise, improving strength, dexterity, and cardiovascular performance. This class is ninety minutes of hard work so you can expect to feel it the next day (in a good way!). Throughout class Juri and Jon walk around to correct technique, shout encouragement and spend time working on pads with every single person so you really feel like you’re being looked after and making progress to your own level. Which brings us on to the main point, that Muay Thai is really for everyone. Forget any preconceptions of what you think about it and we urge you to go and try it. You’ll probably see us there, because it’s such a good workout.

FYI: If you’ve got your own wraps and / or gloves we recommend you bring them - it’s just nicer for you! And remember this place is epic training but it’s no-frills so don’t expect super-luxe changing rooms.

THE PRICE: Smoothies and juices start from €5. Ginger shot €1.5-€3.5. Muay Thai: Single drop-in class €20, five classes for €95 or ten classes for €180. Classes also run on Mondays at 18pm.

BEST FOR: A bad-ass workout and a healthier double shot.


Five Circles + Gruen und Gut

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(his classes are great - you can also find him teaching at Adidas Runbase. Plus he’s pretty nice to look at.)


Two kickboxing girls in a ring at Five Circles Berlin
Image credit :   by_manubecerra  via Five Circles.

Image credit: by_manubecerra via Five Circles.