EVO Gym + Good Bank

A double shot for the working week. Get a work-out session in and then grab a quick bite after with your gym buddy. 

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START: EVO Gym, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 14, 10178 Berlin.

FINISH: Good Bank, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 5, 10178 Berlin.

U + S - BAHN: Rosa Luxemburg.

THE WORKOUT: A mid-week lunch-time or early evening workout, freestyle at the gym. EVO gym isn't going to blow your mind. But its a solid gym for a quick mid-week session; clean and modern with decent equipment; TRX, jump box, skipping ropes, dumb-bells, bar-bells, kettle-bells and all the cardio machines. There's even a bouldering wall and wall fixed with Iyengar yoga straps (mainly for decoration purposes - but still). Most importantly, the gym floor is super QUIET - don't be surprised if you get the place all to yourself. Our only grumble is there's no squat rack and the 'weights area' feels quite limited and small once a few of you are in it.

THE FOOD: Healthy fast-food at its best. Their USP is the home-grown salad leaves - they really do make all the difference. Salads, soups, flat-breads and bowls that combines a plethora of veg, grains, salmon, egg, tofu, chicken and avo together. The house favourite is the "Caesar" salad with homegrown Yacht Lettuce, Roasted Chicken Breast from Animal Welfare-Friendly Farms, egg, red onions, tomatoes, croutons, German mountain cheese and home-recipe dressing. "Burn the avocado honey" is also recommended; chocolate oak lettuce (yes chocolate you heard right), burnt avocado (supposedly - we didn't see any signs of burning...) goat cheese, tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, black beans, sunflower seeds and honey lemon dressing. There are also a few vegan options like the "Vegan truffle mushroom bowl" with brown rice, tofu, cranberries, chickpeas and truffle dressing. If none of the dishes really hit the mark then you can also make your own bowl by picking between various salads, grains, veg and protein toppings and dressings.The flat-breads aren't very different - they are really some of the best-seller salads put between a flat-bread - but we don't have a problem with that. All portions are generous and you'll leave feeling full and satisfied.

Top tip: Ask for your dressing on the side (we wish we had) to avoid your salad getting drenched. 

THE PRICE: EVO gym: first week is free for a trial. It is also on Urban Sports Club. Good Bank: "Gin salmon avocado" salad €10.90. "Burn the avocado honey" and "Vegan truffle mushroom bowl" are €8.90. Flat-breads range between €5.50-€7.50.

BEST FOR: A healthy version of fast food and fitness for the hectic working week. 

Evo Fitness Mitte + good bank