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I’ve been a pro-cyclist for a large portion of my life. This includes being on both the Mexican and Finnish national Track cycling teams (I’ve been on the team for Finland for 6 years now) during which I have participated in many World Cups, European and World championships. I moved to Berlin in January and since then I have been exploring the city’s best fitness classes to spice up my training. One of my most recent double shots. was trying out CrossFit for the first time with some friends. It’s an awesome workout and I love trying new ways of training and meeting new people! After class, since its Friday night we head straight to drinks! Windhorst is only a quick one stop of the S-bahn and a cosy bar with great cocktails and lots of variety.

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U-BAHN: Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Friedrichstraße.

THE WORKOUT: 19.30-20.30pm, Friday night Basic CrossFit class at CrossFit Mitte. Just a short walk away from berlins central train station, CrossFit Mitte is a small and friendly box that is a great choice for beginners to get started. In this class you’ll work on learning the right technique for key CrossFit movements like hang cleans, snatches, deadlift, squats, jerks and so on. The class is a small number of people (around 10 people) so it gives the coach time to work with everyone. After practising your skills to get the movements fluid and correct, a workout that features this technique will follow, all mixed up with some higher intensity exercises like burpees, to get you completely sweaty and working hard. The instructor I can recommend is Dirk; he was nice, very knowledgeable and attentive. CFM also offers the option to drop in on classes without having to buy a membership. If you already know how to CrossFit you can join a class whenever, or take a basic class if you’re a newbie like me.

WHAT SARA SAYS: I’m a CrossFit newbie, so the “CrossFit basics” class is perfect for me to get my confidence up and ensure I get the techniques nailed. This is a tough but fun class, and a friendly, accessible option to get into CrossFit. The class has such a positive vibe with everyone trying to learn and a really good motivational playlist to keep you fired up! The box is well equipped, nicely set up and carries that industrial, back-to-basics look that fits with the sport.

THE DRINKS: After class (and maybe a quick shower) jump one s-bahn station down to Windhorst for cocktails! Despite being close to the Brandenburg Gate (an undeniably touristy location), and the briefcase land of the US Embassy, the cocktails at this place are worth a visit. Owner Günter Windhorst has crafted a bar that's relaxed, intimate and primed for you to have a great time. Jazz and Latin vinyls are played on a loop to set the chilled out, cosy vibe. There's an emphasis on American-style drinks within the extensive menu and also takes the classics and gives them a little twist. Think a lemongrass Gimlet – an exotic adaptation of the gin and lime juice classic. These guys are also known for their gin collection and serve up one of Berlin’s best G & T’s (seriously, they are good).

WHAT SARA SAYS: The love how inventive the menu is here. It goes on for pages and pages and has got some pretty original twists on traditional cocktail classics. Try the “Made Mint”, it’s delicious! And one of the best cocktails I’ve had in a while. The ambiance is perfect; buzzing and lively but also great for talking and having fun with friends (no need to yell over loud music). I was joined by some of my friends there and a new friend I had just met from my CrossFit class.

THE PRICE: A drop-in class at CFM is €20. Windhorst: Cocktails range between €11-14.

BEST FOR: For embracing healthy hedonism; learning new skills, making new friends and drinking delicious things on a Friday night.

CrossFit Mitte + Windhorst

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