Boulderklub + Five Elephant


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START: Boulderklub Kreuzberg, Ohlauer Str. 38, 10999 Berlin.

FINISH: Five Elephant Kreuzberg, Reichenberger Str. 101, 10999 Berlin.

U / S - BAHN: Görlitzer Bahnhof.

THE WORKOUT: Bouldering at 14.30pm freestyle. Cold, rainy Saturdays are made for indoor fun. As soon as you walk in here you can feel the supportive, family vibes. Pay for a day pass and you can stay as long as you like. This place is pretty sprawling so there is plenty of wall to move around on and practise different routes. If you’re a newbie to bouldering then dw, it’s totally easy. Well, actually it’s not - some of the true pros you will see dancing around the walls like graceful monkeys - whereas starting out is pretty challenging because you’re learning to move your body in a different way and use muscles you probably don’t use that often. But what we mean by saying it’s easy is that all you need to do is whack on a pair of shoes and give it a go! Usually the walls are colour coded according to ability to start on the beginner colours and see if you can complete a route. The biggest newbie mistake to make is only using your upper body strength to pull you up and around the wall, when in fact the power in your legs is crucial to get you where you need to go. Grip strength is also something that many of us don't use in every day life so you may find it tough on the hands and forearms. But it’s also bloody good fun. Bouldering is a real community-style of workout that brings people together. There are plenty of regulars around who are more than happy to offer advice or help if you get stuck. This is a place if you want some positive vibes and extra endorphins. There’s nothing like that sense of achievement when you complete a climb and there’s no doubt that your body won’t be feeling it the next day! Rock on…

THE FOOD: Coffee and cheesecake from Five Elephant is a local staple. This place serves up some of the very best in-house roasts of the city, so if you’ve got a friend who’s a coffee-snob then bring them here. A flat white or a cortado with oat milk is always our go-to, but to savour the pure taste of the coffee then keep it simple with a filter coffee. Ask the guys that work here to drop some coffee knowledge bombs if you want to know more. A slice of philly cheesecake is a must after climbing. The base is chewy with a melt in your mouth filling. If you aren’t a cheesecake lover, then there are plenty of other cakes you can go for like chocolate brownie cake or banana bread. The café also has a daily selection of fresh pastries and fruity tarts which also go down a treat.

THE PRICE: A drop-in day pass is €10 or for students its €6. A pack of ten passes is €90, or access for the year is €450. Five Elephant coffee: flat white €3.6, latte €3.8, fresh tea €3.5. Food: cheesecake slice €4.5, whoopie pie €3, tart €4.

BEST FOR: Staying active but in a cosy, “indoors” kinda way.

Boulderklub + Five Elephant


Guys trying to climb up a boulder wall with different colours to indicate difficulty of climbing route
Girl climbing up a wall at Berlin Boulderklub while other people are watching
Brazilian coffee in a white packaging by Five Elephant Berlin on a wooden table and a white cup of coffee next to it
Round piece of cheesecake on a black platter served at Five Elephant coffee Berlin