The Base Pilates + 19grams

IT’S HUMP-DAY SO enjoy yourself. pilates followed by BREAKFAST is the refresh youR MID-WEEK SCHEDULE needS. DID SOMEBODY SAY 4 HOUR WORK-WEEK?!


START: The Base Pilates, Chausseestraße 36, 10115 Berlin.

FINISH: 19grams Chaussee, Chausseestraße 36, 10115 Berlin.

U / S - BAHN: Naturkundemuseum.

THE WORKOUT: Pilates fusion class, Wednesday at 8:45am with Daena is a great one for all the freelancers out there who are a bit more flexible with their schedule. Located in the quiet courtyard of a historic Altbau in Mitte, this place is run by Pilates expert Daena who teaches in German and English to cater for everyone. In a small class of just six people Daena’s personalised approach to fitness means you get one-to-one attention, not only on your form and technique but on your energy too. Despite being called Base Pilates, the fusion class is inspired by a mix of classic mat Pilates principles with modern fitness practices, like high intensity interval training (HIIT), weights and yoga, to create a full body workout. First, you can expect a warm up of softer yoga type movements before Daena leads you into Pilates core, stability work. The final phase of class focuses on aerobic endurance with high intensity circuit exercises (think jump squats, jump rope and jumping jacks) to get the heart-rate up and those endorphins flowing. A cool down stretch rounds off the class and ensures muscles remain lengthen as well as strengthened.

THE BREAKFAST: Right next to the studio you’ll find 19grams with its tables spilling out outside on Chausseestraße. If you wanted to be super productive you could even host a breakfast meeting here straight after class, it’s the easiest breakfast stop nearby. Firstly, and most importantly the coffee is delicious. A flat white with oat milk tastes deliciously bitter but creamy at the same time. The Bircher Muesli is a light breakfast offering on the menu which comes as a combination of oats, seeds, poached rhubarb and coconut yoghurt, all spiced with cardamom and sweetened with agave. For those in need of something more savoury, the Norwegian salmon delivers a protein fix on top of nigella seed waffles with caper creme fraiche, zesty dill gremolata and herbs. Smashed green peas with basil, mint, hazelnuts and goat cheese on Sourdough is a delicious twist on the avo-egg classic. If you want something more pure ‘health’ then the summer ‘It’s a bowl’ dish is a tasty option. Not exactly a traditional breakfast choice but this salad of sauerkraut with seeds, walnuts, rockets, black rice and roasted pepper beetroot is just the brain food to get through hump day. Finally, if you want to go all-out then vanilla waffles served with nutella mascarpone (and topped with stewed and fresh berries) is really a dish that will improve any breakfast meeting you’ve got going on (you’re welcome 😉).

THE PRICE: Pilates Single drop-in class €18. You can also book through Classpass. 19 grams: Vanilla Waffles €8, Smashed green peas €9, Bircher €6.5, It’s a bowl? €10, Norwegian Salmon €10.5. Flat white with oat €3.5.

BEST FOR: Getting on with hump day and living your best and most balanced work-life.


The Base Pilates + 19grams


Daena from the Base Pilates Berlin doing a pilates move on a mat, pushing a gymnastic ball onto the wall with her foot.
Daena from the base pilates Berlin is adjusting her students during a pilates mat class.
It’s a bowl dish at 19 Grams Berlin, with sauerkraut, seeds, walnuts, rockets, black rice and roasted pepper beetroot.
Smashed green peas with basil, mint, hazelnuts and goat cheese on Sourdough at 19 Grams Berlin
Flat whites and delicious healthy bowls at 19 Grams Berlin.