Yogalinda Hot Yoga + Bestial


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START: Yogalinda, Carrer de Rosa Sensat, 4, 08005 Barcelona.

FINISH:  Bestial, Ramon Trias Fargas, 2-4, 08005 Barcelona

METRO: Ciutadella Vila Olímpica.

THE WORKOUT: Sunday 19pm Hot Vinyasa English with Kasaundra. If you’re craving some warmth then a Vinyasa flow in 40ºC heat at Yogalinda will sort you right out. Classes are a potent combination of traditional Hatha yoga and Vinyasa flow, so it’s suitable for all levels. The raise in temperature means you get more of a cardio workout, plus an opportunity for working on flexibility as muscles tend to loosen out much more. A strong focus on breath and alignment keeps any risk for injuries in check. Let Kasaundra lead you through a series of dynamic postures synchronised with the breath and work on building strength and stamina in the soaring temperature. If you aren’t used to hot yoga then the heat is likely to be a challenge. But stick with it until then end and the energised euphoria you’ll feel will be worth it. The meditation that Kasaundra incorporates into class should also serve to de-stress, calm the mind and help you find some stillness. She even uses essential oils, creating a truly mesmerising and multi-sensory experience. Those who love to get sweaty on the mat and lose themselves in the flow will love this class.

THE FOOD: After yoga, take it to the beach, sit by the water at Bestial and tuck into some delicious and fresh food. The multi-level garden terrace offers a perfect view for Sunday night; watch the waves crash onto shore and Yachts sail in and out of the harbour next door. Inside, the restaurant’s design is slick and space between the tables is kept luxuriously roomy. Although in the summer season Bestial converts itself into a nightclub come midnight - don’t let this put you off. In the winter months its glorious. Begin with some tapas to keep your hunger at bay. Chilli clams and coca breads with marinated anchovies and caramelized onion are fresh and hit the spot. There is also the traditional ham and cheese croquettes for those looking for comfort-food. Since you’re sat by the sea it makes sense to order something from it and Bestial has fish options by the bucket load. The baked fish of the day is presented via the actual fish before it is cooked - always a sure sign of freshness and quality. The wild baked pagro (seabream) is fantastic. It comes with garlicky, waxy potato and tomato and is served straight in the pan - simple and utterly delicious. It’s the kind of dish you expect to be done well, but is so often mucked-about and therefore ruined. Bestial does it perfectly. It comes mostly boned (thank god) but with the head still on (so best to check with any squeamish diners) and there’s more than enough for two to share. Otherwise Pasta with clams (Spaghetti “Alle Vongole”) is good with delicate, sweet clams or try the Seafood Paella for a more traditional Spanish meal. They even do Vegan Paella (which we loved) which celebrates all the vegetables in a creamy-ricey bowl. If you have room for dessert we’ve heard a rumour that the apple tart is really wicked. Unfortunately we didn’t have room. But there’s always next time…

THE PRICE: A drop-in class is €18. First-timers pay €10 for the first class and get the second class free. Four class pass per month is €50. Bestial: Croquettes €6.5, Coca Bread €6.5 and Clams €17. Baked Sea-bream with potatoes €24.5, Seafood Paella €22, Vegan Paella €19, Spaghetti “Alle Vongole” €15.5. Wine varies €3-4.5 per glass.

BEST FOR: Injecting a bit of warmth back into your life and celebrating being by the sea.

Yogalinda + Bestial

Students doing Yoga asanas on mats at Yogalinda studio in Barcelona
Yogateacher adjusting her student on a mat at hot yoga studio Yogalinda in Barcelona
Interior view of Bestial restaurant in Barcelona and its terrace with sea view in the background
Grilled seabream on potatoes with herbs in a black pan at Bestial restaurant Barcelona