Midnight Runners 10k + Lascar 74

Monday motivation starts here, with a bootcamp run to kick-off the week. Keep the thought of Ceviche and Pisco for dinner in your mind, and we bet you’ll run faster.

Midngiht runners lascar 74.png

START: La Vaca Coworking Barcelona, Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19, 08004 Barcelona.

FINISH:  Lascar 74, Carrer del Roser, 74, 08004 Barcelona.

METRO: Poble Sec.

THE WORKOUT: Monday, 20pm bootcamp 10k run around Barcelona. Tear up Monday night and jog it out to party tunes in a group of awesome people. If you arrive about fifteen minutes early you can safely drop your bags off before you start the run. The pace is friendly for most (between four minutes to six per kilometre). There are also five run breaks where you stop to perform a series of body-weight exercises (for extra burn). Work your way through press-ups, lunges, planks, jumping jacks and burpees before getting back on the road to continue your run. Upbeat tunes keep spirits high and your fellow runners will cheer you on to the finish line. Once you’ve made it back to La Vaca co-working (around 21:30), you can collect your stuff, or stay for a drink (or two) before heading for a late (well, normal time in Spain) dinner.

FOOD: Lascar 74 is an absolute FIND. As a Ceviche and Pisco bar expect the menu to be simple and concise but the ingredients to be as fresh as can be. Interiors are cosy with a cool-rustic vibe (think white walls, faded wood, exposed brick-work and candles) and service is friendly and pretty speedy in Spanish terms. Portions are goldie-locks ‘just right’ - not too big, or small. Kick-off with the perfect appetiser mouthful - a baked scallop topped with parmesan. The scallop is sweet and juicy and offset with the salty tang of the melted parmesan. It would be rude not to get yourself a Pisco Sour too; go for the Peruvian classic with lime, pisco, bitters and egg white. For mains we recommend you try “El Lascar” with seabass, sweet potato, corn and tiger milk - these guys really nail the balance of sweet, sour and spice. The “Thai” one is likely to be your favourite; combination of lemongrass and coconut means the dish is fragrant, creamy but not too rich. The “Aguachile” Mexican inspired Ceviche is one for spice-lovers with Mexican gambas, lime, chilli and avocado. “Poké de Atún” has high quality, fresh tuna with wasabi may on black rice. If you have a sweet tooth the then “Banoffee” is worth being a bit off-diet so early in the week. Its nothing new - its just done bloody well; bananas, dulce de leche, a shortbread crust, and cream are in ideal proportions.

THE PRICE: To join the run is FREE (just make sure you sign-up in time). Lascar 74 is reasonable: The baked scallop bite is €3. Ceviche or Poké main €12. Glass of wine €3, Cava €3.5, Cana €2.5 and Pisco €5.

BEST FOR:  A social Monday night that promotes your fitness goals and won’t lead you too astray at dinner.

Lascar 74 + Midnight Runners