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Fed up of fake #fitspo? So are we. When it comes to wellness we aren’t saints, we aren’t sinners. We’re human. We balance the healthy with the hedonist. Going to yoga, followed by wine shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure. It should be your regular Wednesday night. double shot. wants you to get out, sweat, connect and have a good time. So don't waste another second of your life googling 'health and fitness in Berlin' or ‘how to stay fit and socialise with friends in London.’ STOP GOOGLING NOW.  Much like anything good that happens in these cities, the best on the health and fitness scene aren’t that easy to find if you don't have reams of time to research yourself. Plus life is busy and we know it can feel like there isn’t time to keep on top of your fitness and still see friends and have a good time. That's where we come in. We bring you the inside scoop of the best classes, workouts and studios to visit and show you how to add on a food, drink, party or pop-up place nearby to hit up after - a.k.a. a double shot

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